Video Poker Rewards – Comps, Perks & Gifts

One of the biggest reasons that players decide to gamble from home instead of visiting a traditional casino is the sheer amount of benefits and perks available; brick and mortar establishments simply can not compete because of their tremendous overhead. The online gambling craze that started in the mid 90′s has made it possible for even players with limited means to be treated like VIPs and receive numerous comps, perks, and gifts, but it seems like the majority of people simply do not know how.

This month we’re taking a look at online video poker rewards in particular since proper strategy can almost completely eliminate any house edge while keeping the free gifts coming. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about video poker rewards-

1) Slow and Steady Wins the Race

A common question players ask us is, “Is it better to make the max bet for a short play period or bet smaller amount and stay at the online casino longer?” Truthfully, when it comes to video poker rewards at Casino Titan and other quality establishments, your best strategy would be to bet the maximum amount over a longer period of time. If that’s not possible, then drop your bet amount down some to get in the extra hands.

2) The Jokers are Laughing…

At You Playing games like Jokers Wild at Win Palace may give you more chances to win each hand, but it also drops your payout odds down considerably. Even though you may get more play in for a set dollar amount, your overall odds of walking away a winner would come for a more traditional Jacks or Better video poker machine. Do not ever confuse more hands for overall profitability.

3) Know the Name of the Game

Many novice video poker players assume that all games are the same…which is a critical error in most cases. Some video poker machines give bonuses for a flush while others are geared to the number of hands you win in a row. Before placing a single wager, take time to read the rules to figure out the best strategy for winning based on the various bonuses. At Rushmore Online , for example, there are over a dozen variations with distinct strategies; pick one machine and master it.

4) Ask and You Shall Receive

One of the easiest ways to score some free comps and merchandise is to pick up the phone and give your favorite online casino a call. At Casino Titan, for example, they have exclusive video poker rewards in the form of VIP tournaments and giveaways. Although your account may not immediately qualify for these freebies, there’s a chance that another VIP declined the invitation and there’s nobody else for the casino to rightly give it to. Like the above title says, ask and you shall receive.

5) Make your Bets Count

The biggest thing when it comes to video poker loyalty rewards is knowing how to play the game with a perfect strategy each and every time. If you’re playing Jacks or Better at WinPalace, for example, and the flop comes out A, 3, 3, 6, 9, would you keep the lone ace or the two threes? If four diamonds flop (let’s say 2, 3, 6, K) with the king of hearts as the 5th card, do you chase the flush or hold the kings? How many cards to the royal flush do you need to be to throw away a definite pair or better?

Even though online casinos post that the house has a 1-2% overall advantage on video poker, poor decision making can boost that number up another 10-30%. If you’re playing for video poker rewards, you need to have a solid betting strategy and know the game inside and out. Know how to play each of the above hands perfectly every time so you’ll be that much closer to raking in some sweet perks and giveaways.


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